We are thrilled to invite you to enroll in our highly anticipated Best-in-Practices Government Contracting Incubator Cohort brought to you by KDM & Associates, LLC , in partnership with the MBE Center for Accelerated Growth Innovation and Resiliency's Capital Readiness Program funded by the MBDA. This exclusive program is designed to provide minority business enterprises (MBEs) like yours with the tools, resources, and support needed to excel in government contracting and procurement opportunities.


Why Join Our Incubator Best-in-Practices Government Contracting Incubator Cohort?



Gain access to industry experts, government contracting specialists, and seasoned mentors who will provide personalized guidance and support throughout the program.

Specialized training

Receive specialized training and workshops focused on navigating the complexities of government contracting, including certification processes, compliance requirements, and bid proposal development.

Networking opportunities

Connect with fellow MBEs, government agencies, prime contractors, and procurement officers to expand your network, build strategic partnerships, and explore contracting opportunities.

access to


Access a wealth of resources, tools, and templates to streamline your government contracting efforts, from market research and business development to contract management and performance tracking.



Receive tailored support and feedback on your business strategies, capabilities, and proposals to enhance your competitiveness and increase your chances of success in securing government contracts.



Engage in peer learning and collaboration with other MBEs in the cohort, sharing experiences, insights, and best practices to accelerate your learning and growth.

opportunity for


Position your business for growth and success in the government contracting arena, tapping into lucrative opportunities and expanding your market presence.



Access courses and resources anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Our platform allows you to fit learning into your busy schedule, making it convenient and flexible for busy professionals.

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What People are Saying...

"As a participant in previous government contracting cohorts facilitated by KDM & Associates, I can confidently say this experience has been transformative for our business. The expert guidance and specialized training tailored specifically for navigating the complexities of government contracting have been invaluable. The opportunity to connect with government specialists, along with gaining access to a plethora of resources and tools, has significantly enhanced our readiness and competitive edge in securing government contracts. This program not only equipped us with the knowledge but also opened doors to new growth opportunities through networking and strategic partnerships. It's a game-changer for any MBE looking to succeed in government contracting."

Richard Kane, Chief Operating Officer

Don't miss this opportunity!

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to thrive in government contracting. By enrolling in our Incubator Cohort, you will position your business for success and unlock new opportunities for growth and impact.

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